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Objavljeno 4. apr. 2021

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  • What happened to lazarbeam getting a knife out and hitting stuff

  • What in the goddamn "alabama hell"! Now , ladies and gentlemen we know the Lazerbeam has watched pewd's mc series fully!!!

  • I. Hate. Tiktok

  • 4:58 he kinda looks like rock lee

  • Thanks for being bored.


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  • Must be April fools close my life is a joke

  • That laugh tho in the last tt

  • P

  • You should make that theme song the intro to every tictok im bored video lazarbeam

  • Noice

  • "money doesn't buy happiness" *buys anti-depressed pills*

  • The acrid balloon visually challenge because asia disconcertingly face till a dark cushion. feeble feigned, intelligent cook

  • Let’s see how much subscribers I can get from this comment I’m on 28 subscribers right now

  • Bruh....Reeeeeeeeee

  • banjo lips channel is the best tic tok ever in the history of tic tok we don't stop sing it

  • That man getting Lazar subs is legit a BLOODY LEGEND🥳

  • Omg he uploaded more than 1 video i a week😱

  • Hey Lazar I just hope you have a great day everyday and just know we all love your content it is sooo funny and i just wanna make sure you have a good time doing youtube

  • Why do I think about a refrigerator charging me with a musket

  • Omg he uploaded more than 1 video in a week

  • the last arab people lol i cant stop laughing

  • I had once that kind of hair cut

  • Living

  • great

  • Play warzone

  • i am brood

  • fart

  • This looks like the smithplays

  • “Now that I have money I am the happiest man alive” Continues to be depressed

  • CODE LAZAR 2 A'S 2 A'S

  • Gday lazer

  • That hand wants to get that other hands ass

  • The modern day Eminem is Eminem

  • 0:58 0_0

  • 3:22 I was dying!!!!!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Close to 19 mil you deserve it

  • “I am bored”. legendary

  • Lol Celtic nation

  • That kid is ok right

  • Lannan gotta say that thumbnail is hilarious!

  • Lazarbeam actually put that po hub sound

  • welp there goes the tv

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  • munkey good

  • 2:57 I was think of a I’m bored remix of that LOL

  • I am bored -Lazarbeam 2020 - 9999

  • Idk if all Australians sound the same but when I watched the new mortal kombat movie I thought kano sounded like crayator

  • Just play valorant its sooo fun lol

  • 1:14🤣

  • Funk

  • Who else is watching this after Covid-19?

  • this put a smile to my face lol 06:55

  • You should get a mother mullet

  • Imagine going for Boston

  • Lazar: I’m bored What

  • Now smile dog may rest

  • Me to my dad0:03

  • Your amazing and every one be YEET

  • It’s not deep fake it’s an app he took a screenshot of you put it in the app and u can choose a song and it makes the picture sing and dance

  • 6:56 he got scared by himself🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • 6:35 Mr. X said wasgood fool

  • If you want a good roast, here you go, say, ''it was called a JUMPoline till your mum jumped on one''

  • Hi

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  • 8:18 u are really dont know what did he say is talking arabic

  • play hollow knight.

  • that is Shit

  • That man is an absolute chad.

  • 8:16 he was talking in a Arabic saying. Jump

  • And im wearing a sock 0:10

  • 0:58 when you realize incest is a Class C felony in Alabama

  • He look like the sand man

  • Fuk them haters go lazar

  • Gho

  • (:)

  • hi

  • a hair cut lady cut my ear

  • Who else agrees that those hand signs in the beginning just fucked the up Naruto

  • He referred to call the baby a it at first🤣🤣

  • Legend has it that the fart from the kid is still echoing somewhere in the world

  • We need to put “I’m bored” in a museum

  • 1:36 lazerbeam: im bored ,me: are you ready for some tiktoks

  • These videos are so funny 🤣

  • my fav was the kid getting YEETED "macronii, with chicken stripes" 3:22

  • “The only time you can use my face is with the chug jug with you one.” Lazarbeam-2021

  • I can relate

  • You forgot to put the word dont in betweenst you and need

  • Yeet Yeet

  • 6:58 I jump scared lazarbeam

  • am eating eggs

  • You’re so funny

  • if thats the happiest you have been whats the saddest??

  • code lazar

  • i aM bOrEd

  • I’m thinking of making a SLcd channel what’s some suggestions for my SLcd name???