i broke AMONG US (mods)

Objavljeno 5. nov. 2020
among us with mods is fun

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shoutout to cray and tannar for footage

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  • You now you are bad at lying

  • hi

  • To this day, I still watch this repeatedly

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  • My brother said I were stupid

  • Cray cray crazy

  • Wow your gamer chair is insane

  • This aint mods. This is hacks. I've seen these kind of hacks before.

  • aka hacks

  • I SAW HIM FLIGHT! -Craylator, 2020

  • Hi

  • Hhahahahahahahhahaaha

  • Lazar make a discord server pls? I'm a fellow subscriber

  • Ya make cray go insane

  • Please don't swear and if you do it the dolphin noise

  • I like the video

  • But I have no friends

  • The thumbnail looks fake

  • Police officer: Did you do this murder? Lannan: Nah mate.

  • Hello.

  • “ Did lannan just walk through a fucking wall”

  • @r

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  • Cray was crazy before and after this

  • Lazars face in the thumbnail is so sarcastic

  • You should use mods in fortnite like Jarvis did.

  • beam pls dont hack among us i think the creator might ban you on among us

  • 1:51 when you r in second place and U die and the last enemy remaining has 1 hp

  • For people that dont understand this is what people mean by hacking in among us

  • This was a great video idea and a great video good job m8

  • Hi

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  • everybody else lost theyre mind lol

  • Big brain

  • Good one

  • Crayator dosen’t know how to use common sense MY GUY SAID “He’s floating through walls 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • In the jungle

  • Calm down cray

  • Alternate title: Cray having a panic attack for 9 minutes straight

  • But i dont have friends

  • This is just toxic🤮


  • whos we

  • “It’s only lufu, it’s fine”

  • Life sucks edit not Lying either

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  • Lannan: Instantly wins Also Lannan: Victorious Music Plays

  • mogus

  • lazarbeam: cray I just wanna talk cray: IMMA DIE

  • Um vickstar can I join sidemen

  • Lazarbeam “Don’t try this at home”

  • Lazar Cray Later+Cray Crazar

  • Please do more like this ples

  • Sd

  • Corey was funnyd

  • 2:41

  • Lmao

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  • how do you get these mods

  • this is not mods this is hacks

  • Did anyone not notice how it got more dislikes than likes

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  • Was.

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  • Any tips for starting my SLcd channel? Anything will help

  • The way he says gg 😂😂

  • Ok $19 fortnite card Da baby?

  • Its a public vent! What i would say

  • Xd

  • I like this

    • I love cray

    • I do

  • cray: I SAW HIM FLOATI SAW HIM FLOAT gorgie: hey that was my thing

  • Yo this is so OVERPOWERED especially when your imposter

  • sussy baka

  • I agree

  • among us nah amogus

  • He looks so amused in the thumbnail.

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  • Cray is literally insane evan know that he's a crewmate LOL


  • Hi

  • Bruh when she said what the fuck he r face be like🧐🧐🧐

  • Imposter is the broken ability

  • Ohhh darn. Vikks here. Tommy'll be jealous

  • Cray tor crater

  • 0:54 MARIO?

  • Lazar be sus

  • "LoOk At tHe vEnTTt! LoOk aT HiM!"

  • I like how the thumbnail is like ssundee or sssniperwolf video, but Lannan just looks like he dropped the last burrito in the store on the ground

  • Cray is saying fly wrong

  • 1:55 he saw georgie float

  • Joog is there

  • this game will cure your bordem: New Epic Scuffed Bhop simulator 2023 pog champ trust me ive played it for weeks and the soundtrack is great

  • Haaaaaaaaaa

  • Hhhhhhhh

  • Impoter is sus

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  • What mod is this?