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7:14We Made Fortnite FUN AGAIN
We Made Fortnite FUN AGAINOgledi 1,6 mio.Pred dnevom
8:02SEASON 7 MEMES (fortnite is back)
SEASON 7 MEMES (fortnite is back)Ogledi 5 mio.Pred dnevom
9:51TIKTOKS that make you LOL
TIKTOKS that make you LOLOgledi 8 mio.Pred 22 dnevi
11:40I Spent $8,000 Beating GTA
I Spent $8,000 Beating GTAOgledi 10 mio.Pred 29 dnevi
10:23I Became The #1 ROBLOX Player
I Became The #1 ROBLOX PlayerOgledi 8 mio.Pred mesecem
9:04TIKTOKS you need to watch
TIKTOKS you need to watchOgledi 11 mio.Pred 2 meseci
10:24Wear My Skin = Donate $25,000
Wear My Skin = Donate $25,000Ogledi 6 mio.Pred 2 meseci
SEASON 6 MEMESOgledi 8 mio.Pred 2 meseci
8:15lazarbeam skin is BROKEN
lazarbeam skin is BROKENOgledi 8 mio.Pred 3 meseci
9:59first game with MY SKIN
first game with MY SKINOgledi 10 mio.Pred 3 meseci
MY FORTNITE SKIN REVEALOgledi 8 mio.Pred 3 meseci
10:07You LOSE You DONATE
You LOSE You DONATEOgledi 6 mio.Pred 3 meseci
9:06Trolling TIKTOK Streamers
Trolling TIKTOK StreamersOgledi 7 mio.Pred 4 meseci
9:37TIKTOKS that made me laugh
TIKTOKS that made me laughOgledi 11 mio.Pred 4 meseci
AMONG US with THANOSOgledi 7 mio.Pred 4 meseci
AMONG US with NEW ROLESOgledi 9 mio.Pred 4 meseci
MY FIRST WINOgledi 3,4 mio.Pred 5 meseci
7:58Why My 2020 Sucked
Why My 2020 SuckedOgledi 5 mio.Pred 5 meseci
10:32TIKTOKS most hilarious videos
TIKTOKS most hilarious videosOgledi 12 mio.Pred 5 meseci
10:08meme olympics #5
meme olympics #5Ogledi 8 mio.Pred 5 meseci
9:29i won with SAND
i won with SANDOgledi 7 mio.Pred 6 meseci
11:01SEASON 5 MEMES (best season ever)
SEASON 5 MEMES (best season ever)Ogledi 9 mio.Pred 6 meseci
9:52GALACTUS EVENT (very cool)
GALACTUS EVENT (very cool)Ogledi 9 mio.Pred 6 meseci
12:25I Spent $10,000 Achieving My Dream
I Spent $10,000 Achieving My DreamOgledi 5 mio.Pred 6 meseci
11:45AMONG US Meme Olympics
AMONG US Meme OlympicsOgledi 9 mio.Pred 6 meseci
9:03i broke AMONG US (mods)
i broke AMONG US (mods)Ogledi 18 mio.Pred 7 meseci
10:22TIKTOKS best videos
TIKTOKS best videosOgledi 19 mio.Pred 7 meseci
11:11AMONG US with CUSTOM SKIN (epic)
AMONG US with CUSTOM SKIN (epic)Ogledi 14 mio.Pred 7 meseci
10:07Teaching MY DAD Fortnite
Teaching MY DAD FortniteOgledi 11 mio.Pred 7 meseci
11:47AMONG US but i protect JAMES CHARLES
AMONG US but i protect JAMES CHARLESOgledi 12 mio.Pred 8 meseci


  • That luagh though 😂

  • HE'S BAAAAACCCCKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yaaaaaaaaaaaay!!

  • Lazarbeam is one of my favorite SLcdrs but I quit fortnite when season 15 launched

  • The beam is back boiz

  • The ufo’s kinda bring back friendly fire because u can just pick something up and shove it into your teammate

  • Can u do photoshop battles again

  • I wish Fortnite was fun🙁

  • Lazarbeam has to break the game to make it fun

  • Fortnite just went down hill after the mechs got added to the game the game hasn’t been fun since before they added the mechs

    • @Aggro FN that was fast

    • 40 seconds

  • Golabal pandemic

  • Lets goooooooooo

  • Fortnight is finally fun again

  • Plot twist: he’s just trying to make it more popular so he doesn’t regret getting a fortnite tattoo

  • E

  • This is gonna get vaulted so soon btw fortnite will never be back god I miss the good old days

  • FBI Bear

  • "versin' a duo over here" -Fresh 2021

  • Impossible

  • pickleee rickkkk

  • Imagine a far cry collab


  • 4:37 imagine if aliens really talked like that.😭

  • I had once that kind of hair cut

  • Can you plead get me the battle pass times are hard right now and if you do I play on Nintendo

  • Fortnite : haha I'm full of sh** XD LazerBeam : Let's play Roblox Fortnite : allow me to introduce myself

  • Fresh’s nickname is literally the best think ever aka dic khead

  • Lazar that was the biggest clickbait title EVER!

  • Will here be more tho

  • wtf happened to this game🤨

  • U got number 1 trending lazar


  • Hahahhahaha fresh's nickname is dik head hahahahahha

  • Lazar is back!!!!!!!

  • He is Back

  • the fire was crazy

  • It was so sad when he left the ship and did not let it recharge

  • they got alot of RICKtories

  • Your number 1 trending let’s go

  • I don’t know if u read your comments but thank you for making 100s of thousands of people smile with ur funny videos

  • Sell out

  • 6:20 my dad

  • Fortnite was fun chapter 2 season 1 I didnt care chapter season 2 was the best of chapter 2 this new season is fire tho I miss the other bosses tho

  • You can hear the windows noise at 2:38

  • Lannan u beat my record of this season by 4 by only using a ufo

  • helli there

  • The first one was a toothpaste experiment

  • Get them inside of the truck and fly with ut

  • Legend is is that LazarDad is in champion league arena...

  • Fortnite is funnnnnnn again!!!!!!!!!!

  • Two dicks are better then one haha# use coad laser in Fortnite item shop plz he is the best

  • Lazar beam i know a funny meme that you can do that makes the car fly

  • OMG. That song when he starts fight remember me the lazarbeam with chapter one 🙏🏻❤️.

  • 2:02 who else is a guy watching this with their legs crossed?

  • karens in 2018: BAN FORTNITE (i dont agree) karens in 2020: BAN TIKTOK

  • Honestly maybe half of the people watching this was in his stream like me

  • Hey pickle headdddd

  • I'm waiting for the meme Olympics

  • Bro This is FUNNY

  • youneed to try and beat your kill record with this strat

  • Bro how the heck do you get 14 kills with a Van???!??!?! 😂😂😂

  • uncomfortable counter -->

  • you have really a tattoo code Lazar? 😂 😂

  • 4:38 is too funny

  • Do more memes on apex so people we play it more please

  • I can't believe it's one shot

  • Me: Sees the title Also me: ThIs WiLL Be InTeREStiNg

  • I love the new season it's better they some season in chapter 1

  • You look like you haven't slept for 10 hours mate you need some good old sleep

  • The delicious cooking undesirably admire because exclamation cosmetically peel behind a robust geography. tired, rich tire

  • Lannan: gets two wins on update night with almost no kills Me: gets a shit ton of kills but no wins on update nights Also me: *visible frustration*

  • Something tells me my deaths caused by floating RVs and truck trailers are about to go up.

  • dude recently we have been seeing ufo's all over the place, real life, the news, and in *fortnite*

  • fortnite was never fun lol

  • UFO is overpowered and it's annoying

  • R.I.P lettace


  • Happy your back

  • Even if fortnite isn’t fun always code lazar

  • Lazarbeam: Kills 14 people with a caravan SLcd: #1 on trending for gaming